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 Ranga Myneni, 1. 9. 2017: 

I was very fortunate to have met Juhan in the summer of 1989. Over the next decade we became friends and collaborators. Juhan is a pioneer and a giant as far as his scholarly activities are concerned. He is peer-less! To me, his personality will remain at the forefront of my thoughts. He was warm, friendly, funny, hospitable and kind. It is rare to meet a well-accomplished scientist and see the personal side as well. Juhan was special in that regard. You meet him once, you became his friend. I will cherish my relationship with him to my last day. Juhan, you made my life rich. And many other people share the same thought. Rest in Peace, my friend! I carry you in my heart!

 Dennis Baldocchi, 2. 9. 2017: 

I first encountered Juhan Ross's book as a postdoc in Boyd Hutchison's lab in Oak Ridge Tn. We had a set of radiative transfer measurements through a forest and were testing a set of phytoactinomic models. Boyd had just reviewed the book and had a copy. I devoured it. It educated me so much on the theory of photon transfer through vegetation.

When I became a professor at Berkeley I wanted to buy a copy. On the internet I kept seeing issues for sale but the often cost $400. it seemed the algorithm kept pushing up the price because me and my students and postdocs, Youngryel Ryu, Martin Beland and Hideki Kobayshi, were also trying to buy the book. Demand outpaced supply. Finally I found a paper back version for about $50 and it is a cherished possession in my library. I owe my understanding of fundamentals of radiative transfer to Prof. Ross.

Ps I had the honor of meeting him at the Penn State Stomatal Conductance meeting in the late 1980s. The Iron curtain had just opened and it was his first visit to the states. I recall he arrived in Philadelphia without much money and the conference organizer had to fetch him. I hope he enjoyed his trip to the US and meeting so many international scientists that used this theory to estimate ecosystem photosynthesis.

 Jean Philippe Gastellu-Etchegorry, 2. 9. 2017:
I thank very much Juhan Ross, because he influenced my research work. I never met him, but I appreciated very much his ideas in his books. I thank also the research group who was working with him in Tartu, for their work and friendship.

 Jeff Privette, 8. 9. 2017: 

"The Radiation Regime and Architecture of Plant Stands" was absolutely fundamental to my learning the trade in the early 1990s. It seemed to answer all of the questions I had, and was extraordinarily accessible intellectually even if it was not so physically, at least in Colorado at the time (I recall having to place a special order as the internet was not as commercialized and ubiquitous). I just now looked and found my trusty copy on my bookshelf, and opened it to find yellow highlights in the places where I learned something. There is a lot of yellow. It is mostly yellow. I only met Juhan once -- I can't remember the conference -- however I do very much remember his gentleness and humility. I heard stories from others that what I witnessed was indeed how he lived his life. A big thank you to Juhan from one of his many virtual students. Clearly a life well-lived and one that notably advanced an important part of environmental science.